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Products & Equipment

We promote active materials and tailored Electrolytes via exclusive supplier agreements with leading manufactures at mass-production scale

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Cathode Active Materials

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) CAM:

    • Portfolio of different LFP morphologies for Power and Energy cell design
    • Manganese doped version available
    • Manufactured in Europe at mass-production capacity


    • Broad portfolio of Single Crystals materials
    • Optimized material doping to ensure cycle stability
    • Leading E-Chemistry performances
    • Non-Chinese source at mass-production capacity

Sodium-ion CAM:

    • Different types and structures available
    • Manufactured at mass-production capacity
    • Ongoing developments and customizations

Silicon AAM:

  • Nano Silicon optimized anode material
  • Non-Chinese source at mass-production capacity

Graphite & Hard Carbon AAM:

    • Broad portfolio of various Graphite for Power and Energy applications
    • Hard Carbons for use in Na-Ion batteries

Anode Active Materials

Electrolyte Solutions

  • Customized electrolyte development and formulation work


  • Mass-production readiness and scale-up competences


  • German-based manufacturing plant with 8.000 t/a capacity


  • Backed by large Chemical company to expand oversea
  • Coated electrodes with standard and customized formulations


  • LFP Coated Electrodes at mass-production capacity


  • Electrode development work


Coated Electrodes

& cell manu-

  • Drying equipment and calcination furnace


  • Electrode coating and cell assembly equipment


  • End of line inspection equipment