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Benchmarking & Prototyping

We validate latest cell technology and shorten the time to market for quicker commercialization of battery innovations

Researcher Preparing Samples in Glove Box for Measuring Transient Photocurrent in Organic Semiconductors.

Whether you want to accelerate your time-to-market with a new battery material, or you want to work out cell formulations to match the cell components. At Chem4Batteries, an industry-insider team of battery experts of Material Scientists, Coating and Cell Engineers working hands-on to improve formulations and validate latest innovation to shorten the time to market.

Benchmarking & Prototyping Services

  • Material and Cell benchmarking
  • Electrode development and Cell formulation work
  • A-sample prototype cells in pouch, prismatic or cylindrical format
  • In-depth Electrochemistry know-how to support product qualification at customers