Cell analysis and new prototyping

Custom Cell development and Cell prototyping

Our service is to provide custom project support for cell design and prototyping. We aim to enhance the chemistry and performance of the cells design for different uses, such as electric vehicles. During this client project we offered the following services:
We conducted a root-cause analysis of failed cells, using our expertise. We identified the probable causes of the cell deterioration, such as electrode peeling, electrolyte breakdown, or gas formation. We disassembled the cells, determine the potential failure modes, and confirmed our hypotheses using various techniques, such as microscopy, spectroscopy, and electrochemical analysis. We delivered a final report of the root-cause analysis, including recommendations for improvement. In addition, we designed and executed a DoE (Design of Experiment) to enhance the chemistry of the cylindrical cells by creating multiple versions of cells, using different combinations of cathode, anode, electrolyte, and additives. We evaluated the performance of the cells, using various criteria such as cycle life. Lastly, we managed the external cell making and testing of the 21700 cylindrical cells by using our trustworthy prototyping and testing partners. We oversaw the production of cell prototypes using the enhanced chemistry from the DoE. We inspected the quality and consistency of the cells, coordinated the testing of the cells, using various methods and conditions. We kept our client updated on the progress and outcomes of the project, using weekly update calls. If you are interested in custom cell development, please feel free to contact us.

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