Consulting & Advising

Customized consultancy & advisory services based on our extensive battery insider knowledge, global network, and experience with top battery companies.

Areas of support

We provide business strategy advice and assess cost structures and drivers of manufacturing battery materials and compare own costs with industry standards. We can also provide cost modelling tools to assess the impact of various factors, such as raw material prices, plant locations, process improvements, and technology innovations, on the total cost of ownership.

Our technical consulting services span the whole value chain from materials to battery cell design and production. Our experts have in-depth knowledge to assist you in improving your processes, products and performance.

Our insider knowledge of the battery industry can assist you in finding and establishing the best manufacturing partnerships and technology licensing contracts in the battery sector.

If you need to buy or sell battery assets, we can help you with M&A deals. We have the market insights, due diligence skills, and deal performance abilities to support your M&A objectives.

We provide technical support for cell pilot line and commercial line manufacturing. We can enhance your production, quality and guide you on battery practices and technologies.

We assist in choosing the best material and equipment for battery cell production, based on the cell chemistry and type of cell you need.

We provide assistance and guidance for choosing European locations and accessing European public funds for battery related investments.

Benchmarking & Prototyping

Areas of support

We provide benchmarking services for battery materials. We obtain benchmarks and perform the testing and evaluation of properties such as capacity, energy density, power density, cycle life, safety, and cost.

With our customized cell benchmarking and cell teardown services, which provides detailed information on the cell design, structure, materials, components and performance of different types of cells we support the improvement of our clients products and enabling a better product competiveness

We offer a professional service of developing optimal cathode electrode recipes for various cathode materials. We also optimizing the electrode recipe while using additives like CNTs or working with Silicon on the anode side.

Our service is to provide custom project support for cell design and prototyping. We aim to enhance the chemistry and design of the cells for different uses, such as electric vehicles. We can offer prototypes in pouch, prismatic and cylindrical format.

We provide comprehensive analysis which involves using different analytical tools to determine the chemical composition, morphology and crystal structure of the active materials and additives in the electrodes. Some of the tools we use are energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP). Further we apply gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to identify and quantify the organic and inorganic components of the electrolyte, such as solvents, salts, additives and impurities.

We verify latest material and cell technologies to reduce the time to market for faster deployment of battery innovations.

Products & Services

Your distribution partner with exclusive or preferential access to high-quality products from leading manufacturers in Asia and Europe and extensive knowledge of the battery industry’s qualification standards.

Areas of support

We offer high-quality cathode active materials (CAM) of various chemstries like Nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) 5 to 9 series, Lithium iron phosphate (LFP), lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) and Sodium-ion (Na-ion) materials.

Along with the cathode material offering, we also distrubute high-quality anode active materials (AAM). Our anode products includes Graphites with high capacity, good stability, and low irreversible loss as well as Silicon Anodes with ultra-high capacity, excellent rate performance, and reduced volume expansion.

We offer coated electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, made by our partner with top coating technology. We can customize the coating and supply electrodes in roll or sheet form, along with quality assurance certificates and test results.

Another service that we offer is the supply of battery material process equipment, through our exclusive partnership with a leading supplier in the industry. We can provide you with high-quality and cost-effective spray dryers and calcination furnaces, which are essential for producing advanced anode and cathode materials. Our partner has over 30 years of experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing battery material process equipment.

We have extensive experience and connections in the battery industry and can provide you with customized sourcing solutions. Whether you need cathode materials, electrolytes, separators, current collectors, or complete cells, we can find the best match for you among our network of suppliers. We can also handle the logistics of the sourced products to your location or warehouse for you.

We offer efficient logistics and warehousing services for battery matterials, cells and packs, which are classified as hazardous goods. We comply with all the regulations and standards for transporting, storing, and distributing your battery products.