Battery Regulation & Permits to enable New Entrant joining the field

Advising on battery recycling best practices and regulation to build new facility

We specialize in how to recycle lithium-ion batteries. We look at the current recycling methods, the problems and risks involved, the global regulations, and the new ways of recycling batteries. By having access to Black Mass refining capacity, we assist our clients studying the most efficent methods for converting battery waste into new sales products via an eco-friendly way.
In our most recent project, we investigated the existing regulations and permits for battery recycling in Europe, especially in Germany. Some of the tasks we performed for our client were: Exploring the existing ways of recycling batteries and finding out their main advantages and disadvantages. Contrasting the European rules and standards for battery recycling with other regions like Asia and North America. Advising how to obtain the required permits and certificates for running a battery recycling facility in Germany. Furthermore, we proposed ways to enhance the efficiency and safety of the recycling process and minimize the environmental impact. Consulting on the best practices for handling, transporting, and storing battery waste. We also supported our client to build relationships with potential suppliers, customers, and partners in the battery recycling industry. Our client will launch its first recycling pilot plant based on our work and recommendations. We were pleased to support a new player in this field.

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