Cell benchmarking & teardown

Customized Cell benchmarking and teardown services to support our clients improving their own products and enabling a competitive offering. With our customized cell benchmarking and cell teardown services, which provides detailed information on the cell design, structure, materials, components and performance of different types of cells we support the improvement of our clients products and […]

OPEX and CAPEX modeling work for Cathode and Anode

Assessment of OPEX and CAPEX for Cathode and Anode Manufacturing Another service we offer is the analysis of OPEX and CAPEX for example for cathode and anode production.This service helps our clients comprehend the cost structure and drivers of producing different battery materials grades, as well as compare their own costs with industry standards and […]

Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Selection of cell manufacturing equipment suppliers and technology assessment We provide a service in “Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment Sourcing” that helps our clients to select the most appropriate equipment for their battery cell manufacturing. This service is essential for new Entrants that want to start or grow their battery cell production moving from lab-scale to […]