LFP Technology Licensing and upscaling

Advising on LFP Cathode Manufacturing Technology and enabling entering the business

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology is an attractive choice for making cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, as it has high safety, long cycle life, and low cost. However, the LFP market is very competitive and requires advanced knowledge and skills. Getting a license for LFP technology from a trusted and experienced provider can be a smart way to enter this market segment. This is what we did for one of our clients when we did a market study of global LFP producers, including quality evaluation of their product and process skills by our industry experts. We made a short list that met the client’s CAM partner needs and contacted the short list to initiate joint discussions. Technical evaluation of partners’ product/process skills in terms of reviewing the licensors’ LFP technology, including lab tests, pilot-scale trials, and quality audits, to verify their claims and identify any gaps or risks. Further we did the commercial evaluation of the licensors’ capabilities to create a successful LFP business. Finally we enabled a partnership model to ensure effective technology transfer and support to implement . These services are designed to support you in building a LFP Cathode Material buisess. Contact us to learn more for LFP.

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