LMFP Electrode & Cell

Electrode Coating development work

We offer a professional service of developing optimal cathode electrode recipes for various cathode materials, including LMFP.
LMFP stands for lithium manganese iron phosphate, a type of cathode material that offers high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent thermal stability. LMFP is considered a promising candidate for high-performance and low-cost lithium-ion batteries, especially for electric vehicles and grid-scale energy storage applications.
We source high-quality LMFP cathode material from reputable suppliers and perform recipe development work in our advanced laboratory. Our goal is to find the best applicable recipe for your specific application and scale it up to pilot or industrial level. We can also supply you with coated electrodes or prototype cells for testing and validation. This service helps our clients enhance their cell performance as well as lower their manufacturing costs and time-to-market.
If you are interested in our electrode development service, contact us to provide you with a customized proposal.

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