Lithium refinery

Seller-side support for Lithium project and Lithium Refinery In this project we assist a lithium project and refinery seller to look for a new buyer or venture partner. We advice in finding and reaching out to potential partners who are interested in investing in or purchasing their lithium assets. We leverage our extensive battery insider […]

LMFP Electrode & Cell

Electrode Coating development work We offer a professional service of developing optimal cathode electrode recipes for various cathode materials, including LMFP. LMFP stands for lithium manganese iron phosphate, a type of cathode material that offers high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent thermal stability. LMFP is considered a promising candidate for high-performance and low-cost […]

Cell benchmarking & teardown

Customized Cell benchmarking and teardown services to support our clients improving their own products and enabling a competitive offering. With our customized cell benchmarking and cell teardown services, which provides detailed information on the cell design, structure, materials, components and performance of different types of cells we support the improvement of our clients products and […]

Technical Due Dilligence Support

Conducting the Technical Due Dilligence on Asian cell manufactures for manufacturing licensing Another service we offer is technical due diligence on cell manufacturers, especially from Asia, to help our clients find the best partner for joint cell manufacturing or manufacturing licensing. With our industry expert team and leading battery material and cell manufacturing expertise, we […]

Battery Regulation & Permits to enable New Entrant joining the field

Advising on battery recycling best practices and regulation to build new facility We specialize in how to recycle lithium-ion batteries. We look at the current recycling methods, the problems and risks involved, the global regulations, and the new ways of recycling batteries. By having access to Black Mass refining capacity, we assist our clients studying […]

Joint Venturing Consulting to form new player of Nickel Mining & PCAM/CAM

Establish Joint Venture of Mining company with an Asian PCAM/CAM manufacture Our client in the mining sector had an ambition to enter the Cathode Material Precursor (PCAM) production and sought potential joint venture partners for this purpose. We conducted a comprehensive market analysis and identified the key players in this field, evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, […]

Business Development: Asia for Europe and vice versa

Facilitating the expansion and enhancement of partners’ business into the Asian and European battery ecosystem Our Business Development Support is not just about helping our partners enhance and grow their business operations and sales in the Asian and European battery ecosystem. We strive to be a strategic and operational bridge that links the established markets […]

OPEX and CAPEX modeling work for Cathode and Anode

Assessment of OPEX and CAPEX for Cathode and Anode Manufacturing Another service we offer is the analysis of OPEX and CAPEX for example for cathode and anode production.This service helps our clients comprehend the cost structure and drivers of producing different battery materials grades, as well as compare their own costs with industry standards and […]

Cell analysis and new prototyping

Custom Cell development and Cell prototyping Our service is to provide custom project support for cell design and prototyping. We aim to enhance the chemistry and performance of the cells design for different uses, such as electric vehicles. During this client project we offered the following services: We conducted a root-cause analysis of failed cells, […]

Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Selection of cell manufacturing equipment suppliers and technology assessment We provide a service in “Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment Sourcing” that helps our clients to select the most appropriate equipment for their battery cell manufacturing. This service is essential for new Entrants that want to start or grow their battery cell production moving from lab-scale to […]